Douglas Calvano

Douglas Calvano is president of Ciudad Refugio and founding pastor of Casa Refugio Church in Medellin, Colombia.  Sent out as a missionary from TSC in 1993 with a one-way ticket to Colombia, Douglas has since spent his life serving those in need on the inner-city streets of Medellin.

With a heart for the poor and addicted, and a passion for the Word of God, Douglas teaches, preaches, and counsels those in the care of the ministry. He also trains pastors and leaders in developing holistic programs to address the needs of those in their communities. A natural visionary, Douglas continues to dream and develop new programs to care for those in need. To date, Ciudad Refugio and Casa Refugio have impacted the lives of more than 12,000 individuals.

Douglas’s wife Marilu and their two children are an integral part of the ministry. Marilu leads the praise and worship ministry and the church’s discipleship programs.  Juan Marcos and Maria Luisa follow closely in their parents’ footsteps and are already serving in many of the ministry’s programs and outreaches.

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