Christ the Living Word Church, located in Manila, Philippines, is an anchor project of Times Square Church.

ChildCry supplies the funding to feed children living in the slums of Mandaluyong City 5 days a week. Children are given pork stew, misua (noodles) with eggs, longganisa (sausage), and sauteed squash and beans.

Christ the Living Word Church, a congregation in Metro Manila, was founded as a result of the evangelistic rallies and humanitarian outreaches conducted by Times Square Church in the Philippines in 2001.

Many of the children living in the slums of Mandaluyong City usually get only one meal a day. Dr. Malyn Vilar Genetia—a local missionary doctor supported by Times Square Church—encountered many of them suffering from malnutrition and worked under Christ the Living Word Church to feed the children. Today she partners with an outreach program in the Philippines to check the monthly weight, height and BMI of the kids in the programs. With the support of ChildCry the original program has grown from feeding kids once a week to feeding them five days a week.

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