The term orphan traditionally refers to a child who has lost both of their parents. However, this is not always the case. While some children are truly orphaned, there are also children placed in orphan homes simply because their parents lack the means to provide the needed care and resources necessary for survival.

ChildCry funds meals for kids living at an orphanage in Myanmar. The kids receive three meals daily.

ChildCry also supports a very unique ministry to the young Buddhist monks living in Myanmar.  Monks operate on a system of hierarchy within the monastery. The youngest monks and novices are lowest in seniority and are fed the least. Their survival often depends heavily on the charity of others. These young boys are given Boxes of Love, sponsored in part by ChildCry, which include food, literature and personal hygiene items. Many times, the people who give these boxes to the children have to explain that the bars of soap are not food. In desperation to satisfy their hunger, they will eat almost anything to relieve the intense pains. ChildCry demonstrates the love of God by providing food to the Burmese orphans and young Buddhist monks.


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