In San Pedro Sula, Honduras, ChildCry has partnered with a local school for the deaf—the only school for deaf children in the area—to feed students daily meals at school. Breakfast and lunch consist of local menus items like rice with vegetables, chicken, and potato salad.

Kids are fed Monday through Friday twice a day. They receive breakfast before class and lunch in the middle of the day. The school’s director plans a basic menu and then alters it weekly based on which items are on sale. Periodically the school also receives vegetable oil, beans, rice and soybeans for soymilk from the government.

When kids are no longer hungry they can become active and focused students. The ministry began as an evangelistic outreach to the deaf, then evolved later into an educational program for adults with hearing disabilities who had missed out on receiving a childhood education. Just a year later, another program was initiated specifically targeted towards childhood education.

Currently, the school educates up to 9th grade and focuses on integral academic, moral, and spiritual instruction while promoting healthy integration into society.

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