High in the mountains around the area of Zacapa, Guatemala, live pockets of indigenous communities that are largely cut off from the rest of society. Many of the kids suffer the effects of extreme poverty – in some cases without access to consistent food for themselves or their siblings.

ChildCry partners with a local ministry that is operating a school for children in the mountains surrounding Zacapa, Guatemala. The students are given beans, rice, incaparina (hot cereal), and vitamin- enriched drinks for themselves and their siblings back home.

Kids who commute to school from the mountain areas receive a meal five days a week for themselves and their siblings. Children who live in the dorms in Zacapa receive three meals a day, five days a week. On the weekends, they return home.

Once the kids are in school they can be monitored for parasites, infections and other common health issues. Teachers can also visit them at home and evaluate the health of their siblings. Getting one child to attend school reaches the whole family.

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